Toronto Candidate Survey

The Toronto Real Estate Board sent a candidate survey to all municipal candidates in Toronto.  All responses received by TREB can be found below.   Survey responses from GTA candidates can be found here.  To search by name, municipality or ward, please enter the ward number, municipality or candidate name in the searchbox.

Candidate Name Ward Municipality Response
Adam Smith 19 Toronto
Albert Kim 18 Toronto
Ana Bailão 9 Toronto
Andrew Herbst 18 Toronto
Andrew Massey 10 Toronto
Angelo Carnevale 2 Toronto
Anthony Internicola 23 Toronto
Beth Levy 8 Toronto
Carol Royer 1 Toronto
Cheryl Lewis-Thurab 25 Toronto
Chris Budo 14 Toronto
Christopher Noor 1 Toronto
Curtis Smith 20 Toronto
Darren Dunlop 8 Toronto
David Del Grande 19 Toronto
David Ginsberg 4 Toronto
David Mousavi 18 Toronto
Dean Maher 10 Toronto
Deepti Neto 16 Toronto
Dr. James Sears Mayor Toronto
Erica Kelly 2 Toronto
Evan Tummillo 4 Toronto
Faith Goldy Mayor Toronto
Frank Marra 19 Toronto
Frederick Fosu 5 Toronto
Gautam Nath Mayor Toronto
George Smitherman 13 Toronto
Gerald Mak 18 Toronto
Gerard T Arbour 20 Toronto
Gladys Larbie 13 Toronto
Ian Hanecak 17 Toronto
Ian Lipton 12 Toronto
John Campbell 2 Toronto
John Letonja 20 Toronto
John Tory Mayor Toronto
Jon Callegher 13 Toronto
Josh Pede 8 Toronto
Karlene Nation 10 Toronto
Kevin Clarke Mayor Toronto
Kris Langenfeld Mayor Toronto
Luis Portillo 5 Toronto
Marc Cormier 11 Toronto
Megann Willson 13 Toronto
Michael Julihen 3 Toronto
Michelle Spencer 24 Toronto
Mike Colle 8 Toronto
Mike Gallay Mayor Toronto
Mike Layton 11 Toronto
Morlan Washington 24 Toronto
Morley Rosenberg 19 Toronto
Nick Ward 11 Toronto
Norman Gardner 18 Toronto
Peggy Moulder 3 Toronto
Peter D'Gama 1 Toronto
Richard Forget 13 Toronto
Rick Myers 10 Toronto
Robert McDermott 20 Toronto
Sabrina Zuniga 10 Toronto
Sarah Climenhaga Mayor Toronto
Saron Gebresellassi Mayor Toronto
Suman Roy 20 Toronto
Svitlana Burlakova 3 Toronto
Thomas O'Neill Mayor Toronto
Tim Gordanier 13 Toronto
Mercy Okalowe 4 Toronto
Peter Tijiri 8 Toronto

The TORONTO REAL ESTATE BOARD is a not-for-profit corporation founded in 1920 by a small group of real estate practitioners.  TREB is the collective voice for both its commercial and residential REALTOR® Members and operates under the direction of an elected voluntary Board of 16 Directors.

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